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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hexadecimal Address 109502554C4F
Galactic Coordinates 044E:0081:0D53:0095
System Name Kurvix 4
Climate Poison Rain
Flora High
Fauna Occasional
Sentinels Minimal
Economy Industrial/Affluent
Discovered By AdamSiewielec90
Notes Liquid Explosive farm. Very close to the portal 3 minutes on foot, 40 seconds via Nomad. Harvest should give you 13 Liquid Explosives plus 40 Unstable Gel. So You can harvest everything at once end get 16M. You can sell everything at once and earn 16M, or leave yourself 13 Unstable gel and in next 30 minutes collect Fungal Mold again and collect like that another 13M
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