Eihu 3908

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Galaxy, Platform 07 Budullangr (PC), PC
Mods Yes
Hexadecimal Address 107981801777
Galactic Coordinates 0F76:0000:0000:0079
System Name Idoriy-Etouc
Climate Lethal Humidity Outbreaks
Flora Scarce
Fauna Empty
Sentinels Passive
Economy Trading // Developing
Discovered By tjwilliam125
Notes Black Hole System, Gek, Paradise planet with lots of water, murine. Mods in use: __Exocraft_Scanner_Boost.pak _HigherClass.pak _MOD.Activate.portal.without.runecharging.pak _MOD.Winder.HubFlag_CubeSnap.pak _Mod-MoarExotics.pak _Mod-MoarSquids.pak Easy_Tech_Series_v.3.2_COMPLETE.pak
Game Mode, Biome, Keywords , , , , ,
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