Planet is Named in honor of the late Dr. Steven Hawking. The portal has a collection of comm units encircling it dedicated to the memory of Dr. Hawking. All explorers are invited to leave their own comm commemorating him.

Screenshot courtesy of MadHatter from the ETARC Forums

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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), PS4
Hexadecimal Address 11DAFB6EB02A
Galactic Coordinates 0829:007A:0EEA:01DA
System Name Hawking's Star
Climate Occasional Scalding rainstorms. Viridescent planet
Flora Barren
Fauna Abundant (13 species)
Sentinels Relaxed
Economy Mass Production//Low Supply
Discovered By Nivek
Game Mode, Biome, Keywords , , , , ,
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