Honcho’s System – Living Glass Farm


***One Base Per System or Base is Redacted***

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Galaxy, Platform 01 Euclid (PS4), Galactic Hub, PS4
Hexadecimal Address 30230256EC69
Galactic Coordinates 0468:0081:0D6D:0023
System Name Honcho's System
Climate Subzero
Flora Abundant
Fauna Abundant
Sentinels Passive
Economy Flourishing
Discovered By BstrdHoncho for BstrdHoncho_2
Notes Located near the old Hub 7 region. Terrain is Rocky. Bring a Nomad for the 5 minute travel time. Walking will take 20 minutes, or so, even with full upgrades to jet pack. Living Glass is the primary resource - you can make 12. Other items are being added to aid travelers who want to get a start on other plants. Cave behind base is filled with Cave Marrow - you can easily harvest 1000 units in just a few minutes. Let me know if you are interested in moving to the region. ***There are several other farms in the region, so let me know if you want to join us. I can easily locate a portal near a base on any local system. *** We are within several warps of the system with the Squid Exotic, too. So, it's a handy location.
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