Iroshimar Etsub

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Galaxy, Platform 03 Calypso (PC), PC
Mods No
Hexadecimal Address 1122036AE151
Galactic Coordinates 0950:0082:0EAD:0122
System Name Moriguc
Climate Torrential Heat
Flora Occasional
Fauna Nonexistent
Sentinels Average
Economy Construction / Satisfactory
Discovered By
Notes My home planet base Dominant Lifeform: Korvax Conflict Level Boisterous Atomosphere Nitrogen Resource Star Blub Rubeun Nickel Heridium Crops at base Star Blub Solar Vine Gamma Weed Mordite Root Fungal Cluster Frostwort Echininocactus Coprite Flower Coolant Protection Needed in Storms 14 minutes walk, 5 minutes drive to base
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